Suburban, Mercedes benz, Toyota Hiace,Transit that are constantly disinfected

Adaptable to any budget

Fit out with modern GPS, Air Conditioned & a cooler full of beverages. We bring the next level in the transportation industry.

Big groups (more than 6 passengers) will probably be transferred in our white volkswagen, transit or Toyota Hiace depending on day logistics.

Enough room for your luggage in the back, including golf bags and fishing rods.

(While private parties 1 – 6 may be transferred in one of our suv cars depending on day logistics.) Enough room for your luggage max 5 to 7 suitcases in the back.

Our vehicles are constantly under full automotive exam to ensure your safety on the road, way to your hotel or airport.

We are also always fulfilling all Mexican laws to bring you the best ride comfort to your lodging.

our units - the cabo shuttle