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All cancelations and changes must be made 48 hours in advance otherwise no refund will be provided.

According to the policies and standards of the Secretary of Transportations in Baja California Sur, changes can be made 24 -12 hrs prior to the service that is to be provided.

Last-minute changes or booking requests cannot be guaranteed, service will depend on vehicle availability

  • If your group arrives at different flights please advise (add on special requests).
  • An extra charge may apply for the following: Arrival/Departure date wrong as well as flight times and we have to accommodate last minute”
  • No show terms: No show on date of arrival or departure will be considered a cancellation and is not refundable.
  • Maximum waiting time for customers: 2 hours after the arrival time and 20 min. after the scheduled departure pick up time


Please consider other arriving and departing clients, when shopping.

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