airport transportation services - the cabo shuttle


Private and shared shuttle services provided for all airports in the area

Los Cabos International Airport Shuttle

Private vehicle cabo san lucas trasnfers

Private Transportation

gets you being welcomed at the airport by our reps holding the sign THE CABO SHUTTLE.COM

who will take care of you like family (making sure nobody misplaces belongings)

No more waiting; your private ride is already here. Sit down and relax, THE CABO SHUTTLE.COM’s crew will carry your luggage for you.

Once in the vehicle a cold welcome drink (water or beer) will be waiting for you (ready to leave ASAP)

Private car’s reservations get the option of saving money by requesting in advance a stop at a supermarket (30 minutes) for only 25 us extra.

The drop off couldn’t be easier;

CABO SHUTTLE.COM’s drivers will kindly assist you unloading each of your pieces of luggage.

Time to go home : one day prior to departure you will be contacted, ( through the contact information previously provided,  cellular, what’s up or text) to make sure you receive the information and confirm your ride back to the airport.

Our drivers will be there to take you back to the airport 10 minutes ahead of pick up time.

Waste no time; our driver takes the toll road back to the airport toward the terminal where your flight leaves from. Once at the airport the driver will unload your belongings for you,  making sure nothing is left  behind . All of this  to provide you with a smooth ride.

Cabo San Lucas big group vehicles

Shared Shuttle

You will be kindly taken to a designated waiting area while our crew gets in touch with the rest of the passengers

who flew at the same time that you did. 40 minutes tolerance is granted (to guarantee everybody gets their luggage  and get smoothly to us)

After the tolerance time , our personnel will take you to the vehicle

that will shuttle you to  your place . In the car a welcome drink will be waiting for you to leave ASAP.

Keep in mind that a shared shuttle makes multiple stops

( the arrival time, varies depending on the area the stops are made)

Time to go home:

On the departure day our driver will follow the same route as the arrival, (please bear in mind that you chose a shared shuttle)